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Understanding thin film crystal growth, defects, and integration for electronics and optoelectronics

Materials for infrared devices

Defects in electronic materials

Integration of dissimilar materials

Group openings: We have 1-2 openings for graduate students each year. If you are interested in semiconductor synthesis and defect phenomena and are already admitted to a Stanford MS or PhD program, we would love to hear from you. 

Two best student talks at the 36th North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy conference

Our group went to NAMBE. Pooja Reddy and Eamonn Hughes have won two out of three conference wide student awards on their presentations - "Epitaxial Growth of PbSnSe Ternary Alloys on III-V Substrates" and "Controlling Dislocation Formation and Dynamics in GaAs-Based Films on Silicon via Indium Alloying", respectively. Leland Nordin and Jarod Meyer presented on mid-IR light emission from PbSnSe and PbGeSe materials grown by MBE. Congrats! 

Paper on SnSe integration on GaAs out

Brian Haidet and Eamonn Hughes write about the challenges and unique defects formed in the integration of highly mismatched layered crystals on technologically relevant III-V substrates. 

Paper on dislocation nucleation and filtering on wafer-bonded GaAs on Si out

Eamonn Hughes and collaborators at UCSB and HP Enterprise write about how dislocations form and expand during the regrowth of GaAs on wafer-bonded GaAs/Si templates for advanced photonic integrated circuits. Eamonn uses alloy hardened layers to reduce the dislocation density by a factor of 30.